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Parents can request these funds as the need arises, simply by filling out the applicable form through the gym office.

Kips School of Gymnastics

Please note: If a gymnast leaves the club, the money they raised will be allocated to the general travel fund. While this is not a mandatory effort, this is a great fundraising opportunity for Springers with all proceeds going towards new equipment, which will benefit all athletes. Fundraising Fundraising is a very important part in running a healthy, financially stable club. Mandatory fundraising All members of the club are expected to take part in fundraising efforts.

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Once distributed, parents may: Sell them and recover the fundraising fee Fill them out personally and hand them in, hoping to win the prize. If this money is not used in one year, it can be carried over into the next. Despite being around for 40 years, the Kips were there once when Don and Benita Rope started the club in The excitement that goes along with that.

It speaks volumes to the staff here and their willingness to share and to help. Godbout sees the partnership as mutually beneficial, as training with out-of-country gymnasts will provide somewhat of an international experience.

Come in with an open mind. Being behind the rest of the global teams at the Olympics, however, the two are realists.

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When she returned to Antigua, she found a warehouse where they could train and decided she wanted to take the club to the next level. In December , Murphy and her husband were visiting their daughters in Paris, Ont. Brigitte Murphy said she wanted to reach out to a club she knew had been successfully training athletes for a long time to ensure that their athletes will be successful if they compete outside of Antigua.

It helps them see that this pain is normal and that if they really want to do this, this is what they have to go through. Aisha Godbout, the General Manager of Cambridge Kips Gymnastics Club, said they jumped at the opportunity to work with Antigua Gymnastics because part of their mission as a club is to help develop community. Throughout their time as a club, Murphy said they have struggled to have adequate equipment and a large place to train. By coming to Cambridge Kips, she said it gives her athletes a chance to experience a larger gym with more equipment and to have a solid training program that will hopefully help get them to the Olympics one day.